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About Us

About Us


IMPACT LURES makes fishing lures that work. Our lure company is built on a simple concept of producing quality baits in the Old American style. We use only the best components–stainless steel eye screws, double strong split rings and hooks–for our hardwood lures. We take pride in creating products that we have tested and found to be successful. Our wood lures are unique and crafted one by one, hand sanded and individually painted. These lures are actually mini art works, but don’t let them fool you, they have caught plenty of fish.



100% Handmade

Impact lures are produced one at a time by hand. This allows us to personally inspect each and every lure. Each lure is assembled by hand to insure durability and quality.

Quality Hardwoods

Because our lures are made with quality hardwoods, they are weighted to cast further than any plastic lure and hold up to toothy fish (even sharks) 10 times as long.

Durable Hardware

All of our lure hardware is made of stainless steel from the split rings to the eye screws. This means strength, and best of all, no rust.


For me to see a person land a nice fish on one of my handmade lures just does it for me. This is where the drive and passion to make lures comes from.

Why Choose Impact?

At Impact Lures, we pride ourselves in being one of the only surviving handmade lure companies in the USA. Our lure’s craftsmanship speaks for itself and their fish catching ability has been proven time and time again.

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